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TerraMaster D2-310


TerraMaster D2-310
Make copies of data fly!

Actual copy speed up to 410MB/S. 1GB video copy only takes 2-3 seconds!

Real super speed with USB3.1 ( Gen 1 ) Transport Protocol!

D2-310 adopts USB3.1 (Gen 1, 5Gbps) SUPERSPEED+ protocol. When using SSHD hard drives in a RAID 0 of RAID, read and write speed (max) is 410MB/ seconds (read) and 400MB/ seconds (write).

1GB video copy only takes 2-3 seconds!

Copy a 1GB video in only 2-3 seconds. Copy 100G documents in only 4 minutes.

Up to 32TB storage capacity

D2-310 can support two (2) SATA hard drives, is compatible with 16TB 3.5 inch SATA hard drive, and has a total storage capacity up to 32TB. (Note: users need to purchase their own hard drives. These are not included.)



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